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Commercial Property Carpet Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Who We Are

Carpeting NJ is a clean-up firm that offers the finest commercially made floor carpet cleaning services for commercial firms. Being in the industry for many years, we definitely understand how to handle commercialized carpets and make them spectacularly nice and clean for you.


Our main headquarter is in New Jersey, and our expertise is taking care of the carpets in office buildings and also in other firms. Carpeting NJ is composed of nothing but the best and most skillful professional cleaners in the business. Everyone is properly trained to clean up swiftly, efficiently, and proficiently.

What We Could Perform for You

First of all, we offer free of charge quotes to all our customers. We will move straight to the office and inspect the floor carpet well before we deliver our evaluation. After we're done with our evaluation, we could give an estimate and a proposal for the carpet cleaning project. Aside from on-site visits, we also do assessments through phone call or e-mail in the instance that you prefer to move along the process at a greater speed. All you have to do is call our main office in New Jersey, so we can give you your quote.


As soon as we give you the action plan, we are going to dispatch over a team of experts to help with the cleanup of your carpets. Why we are one of a kind is our comprehensive performance when it comes to commercialized carpet cleaning. Our cleaners are trained to give attention to details in your floor coverings like accumulation of dirt or spills. We concentrate in getting rid of stains with our customized products and equipment.

How We Handle Your Commercial Carpets


We could completely manage your floor coverings with care. Our standard cleaning up method would start off with a systematic vacuum of the carpet to make sure that the dust on the very surface would be taken out. Subsequently, we use a specific liquid cleanser to the carpet and clean it up with boiled water. After we applied the cleaner and hot water, we vacuum the carpet once again and use some anti-bacterial solution. After that, we dry out the floor carpet with a blower.

Why Us

Aside from our exceptional services and our quick operation, a key thing that would render us highly different from our competition in the market would be our commitment to the natural environment. We believe in choosing purely green products and solutions each time we clean up. In other words, most of our liquid cleansers, detergents, and supplementary products are completely natural. This will ensure that you, your family, and the environment safe from any kind of chemical substances that standard cleansers contain. The most advantageous thing about about natural liquid cleaners is they do not makean smell. Even when we finish cleansing, you can't pick up something from the floor carpet.


Besides that, we also believe in excellent customer care. We plan to guarantee that every client we gain enjoy the ultimate experience with our business. To make that happen, all our staff is trained to be polite, accommodating, and entirely proficient. This is one way of showing our clients that we value them, and we are always inclined to assist them with their cleaning.