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Drapery and Blinds Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Drapery & venetian blinds clean-up is a necessity

Have you ever noticed any of your family members always sneezing? Or unexpectedly getting fever and cough? This could very well be instigated by your drapery or blind. When a window is opened, it helps allergens to come in and attach to drapes. Filthy window curtains and window blinds trigger a lot more health problems as opposed to floor coverings and rugs. As opposed to floor carpets, families are a lot more exposed to window curtains and window blinds as these things are displayed in locations that people constantly pass through. To stay away from health problems, windowpane treatment ought to be taken into account. Still, cleaning draperies and shades is no simple chore. Then again you can worry less over it with a high quality drapery & shades cleaning solution such as that of Carpeting NJ.

Washing specialists you can rely on

Carpeting NJ is the top clean-up service provider in New Jersey. It is well-known for its remarkable windowpane service and its extensive floor covering and oriental area rug cleansing procedures. We are staffed with the best cleansing professionals and is complete with heavy-duty cleansing machines. Carpeting NJ also guarantees complete client satisfaction throughout the general cleaning treatment. To achieve this, we have extended its solutions to varying kinds of draperies and shades. These can include:


  • Velvet
  • Brocade
  • Silk
  • Chintz


  • Wooden
  • Vertical shades
  • Fabric-pleated shades

Approaches of cleaning drapery & shades

Even though scrubbing curtains and cleaning window shades are widely used steps, they are not adequate. Dust and stains will remain detectable. Other companies will even use abrasive materials to remove dust and marks. Luckily, with Carpeting NJ, customers have the chance to enjoy an extensive cleansing service with the application of safe, eco-friendly solutions. Our cleaning experts understand how important your curtains are as well as how hypersensitive the materials are, as a result they make sure to perform the procedures below:

  • For curtains, they are vacuum-cleaned for starters.
  • After, they are cleansed on a gentle process with tepid water.
  • The draperies are then set on a dryer or secured on the clothesline on a windy day. You must keep in mind that too much sunlight can impair the curtain's quality.
  • For shades, wiping and scrubbing are primarily completed to remove particles.
  • Steaming technique is then utilized to further wipe out potential contaminants staying on the blinds.
  • Big dirt free bath towels are then utilized to wipe shades dry.

The procedures pointed out above are just standard procedures. Methods continue to differ depending on the measurement, style, and fabric of draperies and window shades. Extra solutions will also be performed when the window shades and draperies are in a poor form. Still, Carpeting NJ make sure about undeniable caution and ideal handling when managing them.

Opting for the right specialists

You will certainly not rue the services given by Carpeting NJ. As a flourishing cleaning company for eight years, it has continuously gained assertive testimonials and feedback from its customers. With the firm’s clean-up professionals and premium equipment, any family or company could now receive a fresh and radiant ambiance at the hous or in the workplace. Aside from that, we are rewarding offers and free of cost distribution solutions to its customers. To know more about the business’s solutions and discounts, you may visit its website and secure its contact information.