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Mattress Cleaning

Carpeting NJ supports residential and commercial places to clean their mattresses from the dirt, odor, particles, germs, and the entire excessive substances. By using our innovative scientific knowledge, we can make your mattress look as good as new. We adopt organic, green products in our sterilizing method, hire the leading cleaning experts to get the work carried out effectively, and transport our support prompt to guarantee that you can benefit from overall cleaning the soonest period doable. At Carpeting NJ we offer free estimates. We service our New Jersey customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our crews are available anytime for your convenience. Only home in the evenings or weekends? No problem. We clean all mattress types, materials, origins and age. Have heavy stains? No problem, we will remove it all. Our service consists of all odor and chemical free cleaning solutions. Quick drying time is key to successful cleaning results

How We Operate

Once we arrive on site, we will proceed with our top to bottom inspection of your mattress. We will then give you a detailed, step by step on how we will be cleaning your mattress. If you agree with the cost we will then begin to set up our cleaning products and equipment. We will add cleaning fluids, deodorizers and sanitizers to the cleaning method. Ofcourse, you do not have to worry, all of our products are organic and will not have an after effect on you, your family, pets or the environment. We ensure that our cleaning method is tough enough to take away all the irritants that is on your mattress. We also guarantee the removal of all spots, spills and odors. We offer all this at a value you can yield. Save time, effort, and money by trusting Carpeting NJ. Carpeting NJ is the type of specialist you’d want to check out.

Specialized Mattress Cleaning

When you’re ready to clean your mattress, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Carpeting NJ. We clean more than the surface of your mattress, we get deep down into the fibers. We offer a safe, natural substitute. We offer an effective yet safe approach to mattress cleaning, including...

Your mattress will be sprayed with an organic cleaning agent, this is called a pre-spray, and this will help remove stains better

We remove spots and stains to restore its look

Then we treat your mattress with a deep cleaning to remove any remaining dirt, spots and odors

Your mattress is deep rinsed with our organic solution to get rid of residual allergens and dirt, restoring your mattress to its previous condition Your mattress will dry and ready to sleep in, in no time!

Where We Clean

We clean all mattresses, in all residential and commercial spaces...

Dorm Rooms
Places of Worship
Day Care Centers
Senior Living Facilities

For more information concerning our mattress cleaning services, call us at 888-573-7230

Customer Review

“I had my kids bunk bed cleaned for the first time in 5 years. All the stains came out. Saved us a lot of money” Lilly A.

***We Will Match Any Competitor’s Reasonably, Written Estimate By 15%***